Current price list - from 1st October 2020

Prices after 7pm Prices before 6:59pm
  Full Price Concesssions Full Price Concessions
Fri £8.30 £7.80 £8.30 £7.30
Saturday £8.30 £7.80 £8.30 £7.30
Sunday £8.30 £7.80 £8.30 £7.30
Monday * Everyone is Concession £7.80 * Everyone is Concession £7.30
Tuesday £8.30 £7.80 £8.30 £7.30
Wednesday £8.30 £7.80 £8.30 £7.30
Thursday £8.30 £7.80 £8.30 £7.30
* except Bank Holidays.
Not included above is a 50p booking fee - applies to MEERKAT MOVIES tickets as well. The booking fee covers the whole booking process which ultimately enables names to be put on seats so that there is no doubt about who has booked which seat.
Concessions before 7pm are Senior Citizens (60 years+), Students (photo ID required) and young people 15 years and younger.
Concessions after 7pm are Senior Citizens, Students (photo ID required) and young people 15 years and younger.
3D active glasses maintenance £1.30 only covers the maintenance of the active 3D glasses - cleaning, sanitising and batteries. We loan you the glasses and expect them to be returned to be cleaned and ready to use again. This will be payable at the cinema if not included at time of booking.
During the period of Coronavirus Hospitality VAT reduction the actual ticket price is calculated by using the Standard Rate to obtain the net ticket price and then adding the temporary VAT amount. The difference between the VAT inclusive amount and the relevant ticket price is, for the moment, a Coronavirus recovery amount to enable the cinema to recover from the closure. We hope you understand - it has been a tough time!

Dedicated Tea Matinees

Dedicated Tea Matinees are generally held on Thursdays and only during school term time.
Full Price Concession Price
£7.30 £6.40
Includes a regular Tea or Coffee (only - no cah value or substitute).

Family Tickets

Family Tickets are for parents and children of school age 15 years and under before 7pm. One or two supervising parents and three or two children.
All four members of the family pay Concession Price - £7.30


Call into the Box Office, pay by credit card and we will post out to you. We do denominations of £1, £2 and £5. Not available to book Online as they do not expire! We do ask for a contribution to the cost of Signed For post.


You can of course book by phone (01653 600 008) if you prefer. We aim for 100% so please be aware that we cannot take a booking by phone for the first show on any day. We close bookings an hour before every show (by phone or web), to guarantee we get the bookings onto the seats The Box Office opens only half an hour before the first show of the day so we have immediately missed the booking time. Please book the night before by phone, or by an hour before on the web to avoid disappointment. There is a time limit, shown on the website, to making a booking on the web so please have your card ready.

We open the box office about half an hour before the first show time. So by the nature of the system if we are not open we cannot manage to get bookings printed, and put onto seats at the same time as serving the people who are coming in to the start of the film. So, please book the night before by phone or on the web to avoid disappointment.

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