Frequently Asked Questions

What is the booking procedure?

Select your film and showing, Select your seats and then (when the button appears after you have selected enough seats) click on the Sagepay button - a secure payment site. You can print your tickets after paying on the Sagepay website or bring your phone with the tickets on it or you can bring proof of ID.
It is assumed that you accept an email with the tickets within as part of the booking process - if you don't wish to receive such an email then we would ask you to book on the phone or in person with the box office.

Why are tickets bought on the web not refundable except for reasons of Technical failure at the cinema?

It is all to do with terms and conditions and the law relating to online purchasing.

Alcohol Sales

There is a lot around the sale of alcohol at the cinema - we were one of the first to be licensed in the country.
Things to note please:
You may not bring your own alcoholic drink - we are licensed premises and have the right to refuse to sell or to allow consumption on our premises - we take this very seriously!
We don't sell alcohol to anyone in a screen where the film has started. We will supply a double measure to someone before the start of the film.
We must supply alcoholic drinks under the terms of our licence - this includes in one of our glasses and not in bottles.

What does the 12A certificate mean?

12A means that if a child is under the age of twelve they must be accompanied by someone aged eighteen or over. Children aged twelve and over can see the film on their own.

What does FLS mean?

FLS stands for 'Free list suspended.' This means that whenever this is displayed next to a title for normally the first two weeks of playing you are unable to use any free passes to gain entry into the film.

Do you have disabled access?

We are sorry to say that due to the nature of the building, we are unable to offer access up to the first level of the cinema. We have hearing loop in each screen, headphones for audio description in Screens 1 and 2 (wired in Screen 1 and a cordless set in Screen 2). In screen 1 you need to select seats on rows 1 - 5 as these are those with headphone sockets wired in. Row 3 would be best in Screens 1 and 2 if you have an accompanying dog.

Are you getting a certain film?

Normally we do not know which films we will definitely be showing until the Monday of the week before the Friday of our play week. It is always worth asking at the foyer though, as we know which films we are more likely to get. Also the more requests we get the more likely we are to get it.

Where is the best place to park?

The closest car park is the Market Place car park. However this is only short stay. This car park is free after 6pm. If you are coming to watch a longer film the long stay car parks are Wentworth Street Car park and Water Lane car park. click HERE for charges. Hope it helps a bit.

Do you sell a family ticket?

Our family ticket is for a family of four or more and is that up to two adults pay concession price before 7pm.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, gift vouchers are available at the foyer in £1, £2 and £5 denominations. We don't believe it is fair that they should have a time limit to validity as a result we cannot sell these on line because of credit card rules.

What provisions do you have for the hard of hearing?

All 3 of our screens are equipped with a T-Loop. Switch your hearing aid to the 'T' position for this to take affect.

Who can I contact regarding lost property?

We keep all our lost property for six months. If you think you have lost an item then either call in during opening hours, or call (01653) 600 008.

Why don't you ever answer the phone?

The truth is we do answer the phone - when we can. We don't answer the phone when we are not here before and after the Box Office hours ;-). If there is a show going in we give our best attentions to the customers in the Foyer and to getting the shows in at the time. So we don't answer the phone for the half an hour before the start of films. We do call back (unless there is no point - where, for instance, it is a booking for the show going in) so leave us a message and we do call back. Some people tell us they can't get through - leave us a message and let us prove you can!

Why do I need to book separately when I could book for a number of performances at one go?

Terms and Conditions above state that bookings cannot be changed. We do however like to do our best to accommodate our customers' needs where we can. If you do a booking for more than one performance at a time, in order for us to change one, we have to cancel them all which leaves room for error and for somone else to book the seats for some of the performances you would want to keep. We have no control over this so cannot guarantee to maintain your bookings during this process.
SO, please book individually and we will do our best to accommodate changes where we feel we can. The website has a feature to be a member at no cost which simply enables you to save your details and save typing them in each time.

What do you use my email for ?

We only use your email for the purpose of informing our Patrons of the information relating to the cinema and stage shows. We do not, have never, nor ever will pass on your details to anyone else or use your email for any other purpose other than to let you know what is going on at the cinema here in Malton. To register to receive our emails to keep up to date with what is going on at the Palace here in Malton use the More Info link, select Subscribe, enter your email address and select one or both of the areas of interest Films or Stage shows (Theatre, Opera, Ballet and concerts).

Why don't you offer discounts for . . . ?

Over the years we have been asked for discounts for various groups. We are already cheaper than many cinemas in the area and maintain that proud boast ! It seems people want something that others aren't getting - we are cheaper to start with so that is a discount off another's prices. Mondays everyone is a Concession and we offer Tea Matinees at reduced rates. We are a tiny cinema and want to stay in business so don't fiddle with our prices. We are also very local and doing our best !