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Covid 19 News About the Palace Cinema in Malton

Staying Safe - Socially Distancing and Catching It, to Kill It and Bin It


2/10/2020 - After a very soft opening on Wednestay, with one show of Matthew Bourne's Red Shoes for a very appreciative audience, we are open again for film shows! We are all very pleased to be open again with two brilliant new films - Hope Gap with Annette Bening, Bill Nighy, Aiysha Hart, Josh O'Connor, Nicholas Burns, Rose Keegan. A couple's visit to their son takes a dramatic turn when the father tells him he plans on leaving his mother. We also have Eternal Beauty with the brilliant cast including Sally Hawkins, David Thewlis, Penelope Wilton, Billie Piper, Alice Lowe, Morfydd Clark. The story is that after Jane falls into a state of despair over her schizophrenia, she encounters new sources of love and life with surprising results.


If you want to see your favourite films on the big screen (like we do!) we have brought in the services of Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody, and The Greatest Showman!


24/9/2020 - Our plans for re- opening are going well and we are getting the counter back together - we have had training sessions undetr the new conditions and we have all but got the measures in place which we need to open safely. The rules change and we have to make sure we are compliant which seems to be as much sense as law. We have laid out the seating for safety with the metre plus conditions. Every one will have to keep to the seats which are booked! Any changes risk compromising the integrity of the spacing.


2/9/2020 - This year has gone quickly it always does when you are busy! We have set our re-opening date for film to Friday the 2nd of October. We will of course be open for Matthew Bourne's Red Shoes on the 30th of September and we may even sneak some cinema shows in to make it a gentle restart to our schedule and make sure all of our protective measures are working. We are, of course, dependent on having some films to show - these are moving all of the time but we are optimistic of re-opening with a blockbuster and something for the more discerning!


20/8/2020 - some optimism around re-opening - Love Cinema Trailer


19/8/2020 - We are on countdown to re-opening!



The refurbishment has been going on apace - we have all but finished the Galley refurb and the counter will be finished by the end of next week. There is still plenty of painting to be finished before we re-open delayed by the all the work we have had going on at home too. We have been doing everything ourselves save for the help from Ryedale Carpets on the floorings which have been long needed!


Our staff are eager to return to make the Palace the venue for our patrons and friends old and new. The films are few at the moment but the quality of them is good so we expect to have a great, though dimished schedule for a while.


20/7/2020 - The distributor has put back the release of Tenet so our re-opening will likewise be delayed a little longer. There is clearly a lot going on in the world  and the impact is felt all over with our global economy.  We will find a way to open when the time is right but for now we are looking at the middle of August for some new films to play.


8/7/2020 The Cinema is fit and healthy while we are still in the process of refurbishing the things we can whilst the doors are not open. Projects being completed include the counter and till computers for speed and efficiency, the Galley likewise has been refurbished to provide a more efficient and modern space in which to work. The toilets are also having some detailing work done to be completed very soon. The main entrance will be refurbished soon too.

We have been proud to be a First Run cinema (showing films when they come out rather than any delay) so we won't be opening until there are some films to show. The Distributors are not saying definitely when the films will be released. We are hoping to have a Soft Open - a week of trial shows with some older films which we hope will be requested (films people have missed or a favourite film). We will then be open for a new release film. The date for this is fluid and as soon as we know anything we will be giving the information here. 


1/7/2020 With the relaxation of the restrictions to reduce the spread of Coronavirus we are actively looking at the date for re-opening. We will not be open on the 4th of July as we have not completed all of the refurbishment work we have undertaken whilst we have not been open. Whilst the staff have been on furlough leave we were not able to furlough ourselves so we decided to get on with many jobs which were needed.

Watch this space for the date of our re-opening later in July.

Also, sorry if we have been a little unresponsive (we have been told that we have not responded to emails and phone calls) our technology has been taken apart, during the refurbishment, and is rather dispersed. We have found the phone chargers and should be up to date with calls soon. Emails are a little trickier but as soon as we can get it all back we will be in touch!

- Jeremy and Caroline