Covid-19 Policies and Guidance at the
Palace Cinema in Malton

Staying Safe - Socially Distancing and Catching It, to Kill It and Bin It

Please maintain a "metre plus of thoughtfulness" between you and other family bubbles.

We have high hopes of our ability to manage the cinema under the new normal conditions.

Reducing Contact in the Building - The simple things which will have the greatest effect are to manage the show start and finish times to minimise the number of our patrons who are walking towards each other or passing near to each other. Entry doors are held open to reduce touch points and increased ventillation.

Hand Sanitising - We have Hand Sanitiser dispensers outside each screen door, outside of the toilets and on entry to the building. We will keep encouraging Patrons to use often.

Reducing Contact within the Toilets - The toilets are pretty much no touch everywhere and we have taken away all touch points which we can. The entry doors have been removed and no-touch hand soap dispensers have been installed.

Track and Trace - We have the NHS Track and Trace QR code to scan on your way in. We are required to take name and contact details of everyone attending the cinema we have everyone's details who has booked but will have to take details of anyone who has not. As part of this process we will allocate seats as well. Again it is important to state that everyone is expected to sit in their chosen seats.

Face Coverings - all Patrons are required to wear a face covering in the cinema except whilst seated and consuming your purchased refreshments.

Seating - We have removed as many seats as we need to in order to maintain a distance of 1 metre plus between our seated audience.

We expect that most people will book - those who don't will be allocated seats. ALL members of the audience must sit in the seats they have booked or been allocated to maintain the social distance.

It is now a legal requirement to wear a facemask in the cinema at all times except when seated and consuming refreshment which we hope you will consume from us. When finished it is a requirement to replace your mask.

Alcohol - We don't serve alocohol to any member of the audience of a screen where the film has started. Only limited quantities are sold in one round of drinks and this is even more important in this strange time of the new normal we are forced in to accepting.

Ventillation - Screens air extract is set to maximum for greatest change of air.