The Palace Cinema Malton

The Palace Cinema Malton

The Palace Cinema Malton Opening

COVID-19 Opening - 17th of May!
We are counting down to the 17th of May when, as long as there is no change in the Government's Road Map, we will re-open our doors and be showing films and stage shows again.

We have continued the refurbishment works which have been the best value - mainly our own work and minimal funds. The Government's support through the Culture Recovery Fund (via the British Film Institute) has enabled us to survive this far. We have been successful on Round 2 as well! So, we are expecting to be here and stable for a good while. Our opening films are still under discussion but one fixture is Peter Rabbit 2 from the 21st of May.

We have a lot of the local shops open again from the 12th of April so the town centre is returning to normal too.

Keep away from everyone else, do the washing of the hands as well and we hope to see you again soon with the optimism for the future as the vaccines seem to be working!

- Jeremy and Caroline

>>> Click HERE for more information on the cinema's Covid-19 policy page <<<

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2002 - 2021: 19 YEARS OF SUCCESS in Malton! Join the 50,000+ people every year who celebrate film in Malton.

We are a family owned and run cinema showing the latest release family and quality films for a discerning audience. The Palace Cinema has state-of-the-art digital projection.

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