NTLive: War Horse

10 December 2020 19:00

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The Palace Cinema Malton

The Palace Cinema Malton

The Palace Cinema Malton opening.

COVID-19 - Dear friend we find ourselves going headlong into another lockdown to save lives and the NHS from the effects of the Coronavirus. We are required not to open from Thursday the 5th of November we expect to be back open again in four weeks’ time. We have some shows booked in during this period and will be in touch with everyone who is booked in when we know the new dates for these shows. Thank you for all of the support since re-opening at the beginning of October we are so sad to not be able to continue but obviously we all have to work together and reduce the spread of the virus. We hope to see you again soon. - Jeremy and Caroline.

>>> Click HERE for more information on the cinema's Covid-19 policy page <<<

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes and for your undeviating support for our return. We are so grateful for your patronage, see you soon!

NEW EMAIL SYSTEM - for regular email updates we have a new system to keep you up to date. Even if you have been registered with us you will need to re register with the new system which complies with the General Data Protection Regulations in force from May. This is a really simple process click here to go to our Subscription page. Then enter your email and select Films and Stage/Theatre.

For more information - look for the ""More info"" drop down list above where you should find the information you want.

2002 - 2020: 18 YEARS OF SUCCESS in Malton! Join the 50,000+ people every year who celebrate film in Malton.

We are a family owned and run cinema showing the latest release family and quality films for a discerning audience. The Palace Cinema has state-of-the-art digital projection.

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